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Histology Slide Collection

Notice: The following web pages provide a way for you to look at some introductory material for each lab before you get there. It is new material we are still working on. If you find these pages helpful, great! If you have ideas for improvements, excellent! let us know. If you don't think they are useful, skip them and use something else.

By the way, although these are largely based on the syllabus introductions, they in no way substitute for reading the syllabus thoroughly. Use them to get started, then never go back! Enjoy!

Laboratory "Intro" Date(*)
Tues Jan 04, 2005
Wed Jan 12, 2005
Wed Jan 19, 2005
Wed Jan 26, 2005
Wed Feb 02, 2005
Wed Feb 09, 2005
Fri  Feb 11, 2005
Wed  Feb 16, 2005
Wed Mar 02, 2005
Wed Mar 09, 2005
Wed Mar 16, 2005

Hematopoetic Tissues & Organs of the Immune System
Fri Mar 18, 2005
Wed Mar 30, 2005
Mon Apr 11, 2005
Wed Apr 13, 2005
(*) NOTE: These are the dates for the laboratory sessions. Very often the corresponding lectures will have been held the day prior. Please remember to look at the master schedule for the course.