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Eosinophilic Development Series
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Slide 28: Sometimes eosinophil precursors retain some cytoplasmic basophilia. This tends to deepen the appearance of the cytoplasmic staining and sometimes gives it a "muddy" look. Both early eosinophilic myeolocytes here illustrate this point and sometimes the "blue background" is even more pronounced.
  • 1 = early eosinophilic myelocytes with many eosinophilic (specific granules)
  • 2 = neutrophilic myeolocytes - early - still with many azurophilic (nonspecific) granules
  • 3,4 = neutrophilic metamyelocytes
  • 5 = late neutrophilic band
  • 6 = mature neutrophil
  • 7 = early basophilic erythroblast