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Histology Slide Collection
This computer module requires a graphics-capable WWW client that understands in-line frames, please don't waste time with the older browsers. You must be capable of displaying 256 or more colors on your monitor to display the histology images with reasonable color accuracy. If the following two color bars look exactly alike, or if the second bar is grey or noticeably pixeled, the colors in the displayed images will differ from those in the original image, possibly by a large margin. Remember that colors often reproduce poorly, even in the original material. You should concentrate on understanding the patterns of organization of the tissue as your first priority.

WARNING: plenty of graphics (about 150-300K per page x ~1,500 histo pictures), so you'll have to be patient if you're on a slow line or a dial-in.

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This material was made available through the cooperation of:
  • Department of Cell Biology, Mel Rosenfeld, Ph.D., Course Director
  • Frederick L. Ehrman Medical Library, Karen Brewer, Ph.D., Director
  • Hippocrates Project, Martin Nachbar, M.D., Director
Thanks to Diana Yoon, '98 and Gregg Bruno, '98, for their efforts in proof-reading this material.
Particular thanks to Dr. Edith Robbins for contributing a substantial fraction of the images in this collection and for her effort in revising many of the study units.;